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Musical Fire Table! - Experiment

 - Just press play, you mean? -  Yeah, go for it. Whoa! [Music] - Now, you may have seen a Ruben's tube before.That's basically a pipe with a bunch of holes in it, and you pump in a flammable gas, andlight it on fire, so you basically create a row of Bunsen burners.

 What's really coolis to play some sounds into the tube, and you can actually set up standing waves. Thatis, there are areas, there are patterns of the vibration of the air where there's a lotof vibration in some parts, and not very much vibration in other parts.

 Now, that affectsthe flow rate of the gas inside that tube into the atmosphere, and so it affects theheight of those flames. So basically, you can visualize the standing wave pattern. I'mcurrently in Denmark with a team of physics and chemistry demonstrators who have takenthis experiment to the next level.

They've actually created a two-dimensional Ruben'stube, a whole plane of Bunsen burners, effectively. How many holes in this tube? - 2,500 - [Voiceover] 2,500 in this Pyro Board? - Yeah - [Voiceover] So we're gonna see 2,500 littleflames. Yeah. So, do you want to light it up? - Yes, I really want to light it up.

Why did you make this? - Because, we really liked the Ruben's tube,but then we thought, "when you put on morefire, then it always gets better." Let's just turn [the frequency] down ...and then we can just find the standing wave. So, this is below the normal standing wave - [Voiceover] So what are we seeing here? - It's pretty much like the standing waveon the Ruben's tube. It's just in this direction. This is the lowest frequency that makes astanding wave in this pulse. - [Voiceover] So this is like the fundamental. - It's the fundamental.

Can you show me what happenswhen you vary the volume a little bit? Whoa! That was awesome. Okay,should we try to find another standing wave? - Yes You can see it.

 You can seeit. You can hear it before you can see it. - Woah -  It's weird. With the microphones,I can actually hear, like here, I'm in a node.

And then here, I'm in an anti-node. Here I'm ina node. - [Sune] Because you can measure the soundpressure? -  I can hear it. Like here isvery much an anti-node. - [Sune] I never thought about that. -  This is a node, and you guyscan hear it. - [Sune] That's true. -  It's incredible. The flamesmust be coming out in the anti-nodes.

- The flames are coming up in the anti-nodes,yeah. -  And you can even hear it. That’sincredible. - Yeah It's nice that it can do that. - That is awesome. - [Sune] We just learned something. -  What happens if we try to gohigher frequency? - [Sune] Yeah. We have something. Oh, that'sa good one. -  That is crazy. We're right inthe anti-node.

is your ears okay? -  Oh, God! - My ears are hurting now. - That was painful. Why don'twe try to put something more pleasing to the ear through the speaker and see what happens.

 - I think that's a good idea. - Let's put some music on there.You ready? - Go. [Music with bass thumping] - So, you go around Denmark showing kids allabout physics? - We do. That's what we do. - You show them the Pyro Board? - We show them the Pyro Board, and we showthem a whole lot of other stuff. - You guys are also on YouTube? - Yep, we have a YouTube channel.

 You cango to this link, right here. - Go check it out if you want to see moreof what these guys are up to. It's awesome. - [Sune] It's great. - Ahoy. That is the actual Czech word forhello. I have made it to Olomouc in the Czech Republic, and this is partly thanks to supportfrom,

 the leading provider of audio books, with over 150,000 titles in allareas of literature, including fiction, non-fiction, and periodicals. Now, today I wanted to recommenda book, which is a little bit European, and it's called Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel.I love this book because it includes the actual letters written from Galileo's daughter tohim during his life, and it really reveals what he must have gone through as a humanbeing.

 We all know about his science, and about the trials that he went through, butto see this kind of insight into his personal life, I think is remarkable, so you shouldreally check out this book, and you can download it for free by going to,or you can pick any other book of your choosing for a one month free trial.

 So I really wantto thank Audible for supporting me, and allowing me to go and meet great scientists, and filmmakers,and lots of people all around the world.

 Also, I should note that I will be hosting MichioKaku in Brisbane and Melbourne on June 5th and 6th. Links in the doobly-doo. I wouldlove to see you there.

 Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you somewhere elsein the world. Bye. 

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