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Midrange Speakers vs Wine Glass - Will it break?

 All right, I got a little something fun that I want to try today and I got just the right speakers to do it Some CT sounds per audio eights And a couple of wine glasses, come on, let's go Poor ohms continuous watts 150 Same thing over here.

So 300 watts. I think we'll put it on a 3000 watt app. See what happens Today's video Something that I've always wanted to do I've always wanted to try but since I've got an SMD IMS G and I can command my own frequencies.

 I Think today is a good day to do it gotta love Amazon So I don't think these things are very expensive but they are crystal Put two four ohm speakers in parallel here with the two own they wants We got power For example we got the sound digital 3000 point one right here But I think what we'll do As we'll hook up the same m1. We'll find out exactly how much power it's going to take to break that glass So let's do this Oh there Will not do the whole One thing I forgot to do Anthony can't just do that we're going to find out what frequency this thing resonates at You see 43 42 43 but Okay 482 483 put a little straw in there cuz that's what everybody else does In the middle Or 83 4243 is kind of linking a little right there.

 I should do it. All right, okay Oh yeah, we That was fine. All right. I don't know where that happened that I'll have to check the Off the check it and see Like a thousand watts or something like that, you know, actually I probably need to go a little slower because I just cranked it up Hey, that was fun. Let's get another glass.

 Let's try it again I'm gonna go a little slower on the dial so I know exactly how much power it About 1,100 All right, so we got another glass here We're gonna try that again, but of course everything resonates different so I don't think it's gonna be 485. It's gonna be something different So let's find out 4:48 So for 48 like this one All right, sorry, but All right, this glass there's another one right here. Let's see what this one is. I can already hear the difference.

 Can you hear okay 550 Was I saying 555 556 You guys think huh statistics 556 all right, let's do that one since the higher frequency So 555 556 Something like that. All right, let's go Ready kicking. Here we go They're gonna tell me what it's about together so I know Break Speakers broke we didn't break up. I was running too long on them frequencies what it was I was trying to go too slow and I think oh man that cook them.

 I Did didn't I no, I think it's a little much both of them All right, let's go fast and see if we can deal with broken speakers Look anyway My fault I went a little bit too slow trying to watch it and trying to see exactly where it was gonna pop at and Well, it just happened. They're gone, but I don't want the fun day and yet I got two more wine glasses And I know I got a pair of CT sounds six and a half so over there So, let's see if we can get the six in the house to break a wineglass We got the ACE to do it, but let's see if those little guys will do it.

 Oh These things are Not even matching. I got two mismatched six and s All right. Well, let's hook them up anyways So we got this bad boy right here four ohms this one is a little bit bigger Yeah, these are two totally different speakers, but it's all I got Alright, let's hook them up.

 Let's see what happens We go a lot faster this time so I don't hurt the speakers so 555 556 So it's not that high frequency you won't trip up And we got deal fast No, Oh did it go To get wet did smoke though Okay, so being in phase matters if I didn't hurt the speaker maybe that's a chance to go now I'm gonna go right now because those uh, those rather fades ready guys Yes your honor phase there's a problem I'll have to go back and see how much power that just took God, damn, what was I 1 for 43 for 42 or something like that? Hey, I say we could just call it a finale and break one more We're here Hey Brandon, oh, this is fun.

 You want to come break one? Come on All right, so this thing is resonating at 448 Aren't ya 448? Put that right in there. Look at our two mismatched speakers because that's all I had over there left All right, so put yourself on 448 on the IMS G 448 yeah I'll turn that yet.

 Mmm went on I'm ripping it wide open you're gonna turn it with not super Authority, but don't go too slow Yet they say Okay, go ahead yep All right, all right, I'll check it out man we have no wine glasses left We got those two mismatched speakers to do it all so it's all about where that glass is resonating at Once you find that out just give it a little bit of juice.

It's done And we're out Thunder what? Yeah You 

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