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How to Make a SPIDER-MAN WEB SHOOTER at home

 What's up, guys? I am Rob. Welcome to my channel. For the past few weeks I have beenmaking Marvel related DIY projects.. ..which you like very much. That's why we aregoing to do one more.. ..that too a highly requested one. We are going to makea web shooter today.. ..but first, if you haven't subscribed to my channel.. on the button you seehere and subscribe to the channel.. ..and don't forget to clickon the bell notification button.. you know every timea new video of mine is shown. And most important,a poll is going on, on this channel. You can click up thereand vote to decide.. ..whether English or Hindivideos should be made on this channel.

 This is your final chance,so, please participate. And now, Marvel fans, get readyfor because it's time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright, let's get startedand let's make a web shooter. To make the web shooter.. ..the first thing I shallmake is the shooting mechanism.. ..for which I shall use this. I have these two pens.

 One is a mini sketch pen andthe second is this ball point pen. Our shooting gun will bemade out of this mini sketch pen. I shall make the nozzle using thisand the gun will be spring powered.., we shall remove thespring from the ball point pen.. ..which will give power to our gun. First and foremost weshall take this sketch pen.. make the nozzle of our gun. I need the hollow tubefrom this mini sketch pen. So, let's separatethe remaining parts. Okay, I have emptied outthe pen's tube, as you can see.

 Out of all these partsI will only take this portion. The back cap. We shall stick the springfrom the ball point pen on to this. Let's put this at theside and remove the spring. We have our spring here.We shall attach it to the pen. I shall use a hot gluegun to stick the spring. Only a small drop. We shall stick the springon top of this, like so. Let's connect thenozzle back with this. Our spring powered gun is ready. Now you can load the bullets in it..

 ..from this direction and the springwill shoot it towards the front. But the front end here is quite small.It is very narrow.. ..because a nib was in here. I shall cut this alittle so it widens a bit. That way it will be easyto load a bullet in this. Let's cut this. I shall give it a cleancut with this x acto knife. We now have a wideopening for our bullets. Now let me show youhow to make the bullets.. ..with which we will shoot the web. I am taking a small pieceof paper to make the bullet.. ..and we shall roll it withthe help of a ball point pen.
 Like this. So, this tightly rolledpaper tube will become our bullet. Let's try loading it. As you can see it is easilysliding into the nozzle. So, this is fine. Let's stick this,to get our bullet ready. I am using white glue to stick this. You can even roll paper in thismanner to make your gun's nozzle.. ..or tube if you don'thave an old sketch pen. I am coating the extraglue on top of the paper.. it gets some strength. There you go. We shall leave it for drying now. Later we shall shootit to see how our gun works. Okay, so the bullet is dry and ready. Now we put it in the gun's nozzle.Like this. We shall press thisto see if it shoots. Wow! Look at that.

 You can see this springpowered gun works very well. Now I shall add a web, thatis to say a string to the bullets.. that when I shoot a stringor a web will come out of this.. ..towards the front. And instead of shooting withthe finger I shall add a trigger.. it becomes easy to shoot. Our gun our shootingmechanism is ready. We have to convert thisinto a web shooter now. You must have noticed that aweb shooter is attached to the wrist. When you press thetrigger it releases a web. So, we shall makea similar web shooter.

 Almost like a wristwatch it will have a base.. which our shootingmechanism will be attached. We will have a band,so that we may wear it like a watch. I shall make that using cardboard. I have cut a rectangularpiece 2 inch by 8 inch in size. This will be my band,which I shall wear around my wrist.. wear the web shooter. And this will be our base, on topof which I shall stick our shooter. You can design the base in any shape. Be it circular, triangular or square. I cut it in this shapebecause when it is ready.. ..I shall add a spider logo on it. That way our web shooterwill look pretty good. To completely hide this shootingmechanism I've cut some more pieces. I shall stick these on top of it. Basically I shall sandwichthis inside these pieces.

. cover it completely. So, let's do that. Okay. So,as you can see, this piece is ready. The edges don't look very cleanbut I have a simple solution for that. I shall show you how to cover it. I cut a thin strip of cardboard here. You just have topeel it in this manner. After separating it we willleave out this corrugated part. We shall use the coverto clean our edges. I shall stick it in this manneron top of the edges to cover it. Looks pretty neat, right? I am covering it completely. Once it is stuck Ishall make a hole here.. ..I shall make an openingfor the web shooter

. Let's cut the extra bit. There you go. This is done. Let's make a hole. Alright, our hole is ready,as you can see. Let's load a bullet to check it. Perfect! You can see how easilythe bullet is going in. So, this piece is ready.We shall stick it to the band. We have our band here. We shall stick itin the exact center.. ..but first we shallget the band ready. As you can see I have cut somestrips on the underside of the band. But that is optional.

I did it so it would roll easily. As this is cardboardit rolls very easily. Now we have to figure out howto lock this on our wrist like thus. The simple solution is Velcro. I shall use this Velcro.. ..and stick it to our band,so that we can easily wear the band. Let's stick this in place. I shall use a hotglue gun to stick it. Alright. This is stuckwith the help of a hot glue gun.. ..but I shall staple it onthe sides to give it extra strength. Let's check it out. There you go. Okay. So, our band is ready. We shall stick this pieceto the band in this manner

.. ..right in the center. And you will notice Iam aligning it with the edge.. we get some area in thefront where we shall add a trigger. Let's stick this. Again I am using ahot glue gun to stick this. Okay, so this is ready. Now I shall add a triggerin the front portion here.. ..which will allow us toshoot the bullets or the web. For that I shall use these. These are ice-cream sticks.. ..and I shall makea trigger with these.. ..but you have to preparethis like I have done over here. It is a slightly lengthyprocess but it is not difficult. What you need to do is dipthe ice-cream sticks in water.. ..and when the wood softens youbend it in any shape to prepare it. Once it dries it retains its shape. In fact this is how most ofthe bamboo and cane furniture is made. So, I dipped the ice-creamstick in the water. I folded it and puta rubber band around it. And when I removed the rubberband this is the shape I got. Almost like an 'S' shape.

 So this will be our trigger. I'll show you how. We shall fit thisover here in this manner. Just like that. And when I press thisour web will shoot out of here. Firstly I shall cut off thefront part of the ice-cream stick.. it is curved. I am cutting thisoff so we get a clean straight edge. I shall simply cutthis off with a cutter. Alright, we now have a straight edge. The next thing wedo is take this trigger.. ..and place it here tosee what its correct position is. Something like this.This here is my correct position. So, we must place thisside over here in the gap.. ..and make a markingslightly on the inside. Again we cut this portion.

 Alright. As you cansee I have cut it over here. We have to make thisinto a movable joint. If you wish you can cut it allthe way and then stick it with tape.. that this piecemoves in this fashion.  Just like this. I cut it slightly from thetop so it becomes like a hinge.. ..and moves in this manner. Now I shall stick a doublesided tape at the back.. ..and stick it at the back. So, let's do that. Okay, that's done. You can see I havea movable joint over here. The tape gives is extra strength. I have used extra strongdouble sided tape over here.. ..but you can useregular tape as well. Now we shall stickthis to our web shooter. I shall apply glue onthe movable portion over here.. ..and stick it to our web shooter. Just like this. So, we have our trigger. Our web shooter looks like this. Now I shall put asmall lock over here. I shall make the lockout of this small piece.. ..which we cut off fromthe ice-cream stick at first.. ..and stick it here in this manner.

. it keeps the bullet inside.. ..and when the triggeris down the hole will open.. ..and the bullet will come out. So, let's stick this in place. And with our lock in place, our web shooter is ready. I think I should paint it nowand give it a more impressive look. So, let's do that. I am using acryliccolor to paint it. Black. Since we have cardboard acryliccolor will work well on it. Alright. As you can see, I am done. I have painted it black.. ..and acrylic colorsdry pretty quickly. You can see it hasa nice glossy finish.. ..and it has dried. So, this is done. Now I shall add ourspider logo on top of it.. I mentioned before. I cut this out from a foam sheet. You can avail of foamsheet at a stationary store.. ..or you could usean old shoe insole.

. ..and you can cut this out of it. If you don't have foam sheet,you can even cut it out of paper.. ..or paint it on directly, butthis gives it a 3D look, which I love. As you can see, it looks pretty cool. Let's stick this. I am using white glue to stick it. Alright. Our spider logo is stuck. Look at that. Looks pretty awesome.I'm very happy with this. The web shooter is ready. Now let's make our web and bullet. Let's do that. Now I shall use thisstring to make the web. I shall take a long piece of string.. ..and attach ourbullet to one end of it.

 We pass the thread throughthe bullet in this manner.. ..and stick it on withsticky tape to the end of it. Just like that. Now I shall tie the otherend of it to the trigger. All we need to do now isto load the thread in the bullet. I shall load it withthe help of this toothpick. It is slightly tricky butonce you load it just like this. Next you load the bulletinto the web shooter. You lock the triggerand we are good to go. Now let's shoot. Whoa! Let's try again.

Alright! I really hope you guysenjoyed watching this video.. ..and found this tutorial helpful. If you liked it,please give me a big like.. ..share it with your friends andyou must let me know in the comments. And if you make it,please click pictures and tag me. Here are my Instagram handles. You can follow me on Instagramas well, so you get daily updates.

. ..of what's going on in mylife and what projects I am making. Also, what else is going to come up. Alright, I shall meetyou in the next video. Tell then,as I always say, do good and be good. Peace. 

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