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DIY Phone Case Life Hacks - Experiments

 Hope your phone is ready for a complete makeoverbecause today I'm going to show you 20 easy DIY phone projects that will leave you speechless! Hey Sara! You look great today. Oh, thank you! No offence but you look kind of boring.

 Can I pimp you up? Umm, really? OK, let's do it! The phone agrees, I'm super excited, so forgetplain phone cases and let's make 20 awesome phone DIYs. Come on! Ah, this happens to me all the time! The screen of my phone gets all scratchedwhen I carry it in my bag or pocket.

 To prevent this from happening let's makean adorable phone pouch out of fuzzy socks! That's right – this cute pouch is made outof a sock, no sewing required and it takes no more than a minute to make! Take a fuzzy sock of your choice - I wentfor the pink one. Grab your scissors and cut the top part – whichis the part above the ankle. You need a piece that is big enough for yourphone.

 Apply a stripe of hot glue along the openingon one side of your pouch. You can even sew it if you prefer. Turn the pouch inside out and now you candecorate it however you like! I decided to stick on a pair of googly eyesto give a face to this fuzzy cutie.

 And of course who doesn't love bows! I'm sticking one in the corner of the pouchto make it even more adorable. What an epic DIY project right? Phone pouches can be super expensive and Ibet they aren't even half as pretty as this one. Besides looking extremely cute, this phonepouch feels so snugly! It's almost like a plushy

. It will keep your phone protected from scratcheseven if you throw it in the bag together with keys and other sharp objects! If you're not using a phone pouch, you definitelyneed a cool case to protect your phone. Check out this amazing beaded one! I love everything about it – the design,the colors, the texture..

. It is just so unique and cool! To make it we're going to need a bunch ofbeads. You know me - I'm obsessed with colors soI went for the brightest colored beads out there. Get your pegboard ready and using a clearphone case measure how big design you need to make.

It's time to get creative! Start placing colored beads on the pegs, creatingany kind of shape or word that you like. I decided to write LOL and I also made a hugehot pink heart above it. If you use black beads to outline your shapesor words, the design will turn out bolder and more cartoon-y like, which I love! Here are the last two beads so let's quicklyseal our masterpiece. Take some parchment paper, place it on topof your work and run the iron over the entire surface. Heat will melt the beads and stick them together. Lift the beaded creation from the pegboardand we're ready to glue it on a clear case or any old case that you want to recycle.

 I'm using a glue gun for this but any kindof glue with a good hold will work. Our new phone case is all ready, looking amazing! This is just so unique and I've never seensomething like it in a store. Also love the beaded texture and the factthat you can literally write or draw anything using this technique. You can write your name and use the colorsthat you love! Or make this case for your bestie! I'm sure anyone would be super happy to havea gorgeous case like this.

Ouch! How many times has this happened to you? Please tell me I'm not the only one who slapsown face with a phone on a regular basis. But this ain't happening again – we're makingour own DIY pop sockets! Did you know that you can use drawer or cabinetknobs as pop sockets? I have this pretty glass one that will workperfectly.

 All we got to do is glue it on a phone caseand we're done! I want to make my solid pink case a bit morespecial and the easiest way to do this is using stickers. I especially like puffy stickers as they givea cool texture and 3D feel to your case. I decorated mine with a bunch of little ponystickers and it turned out super girly and adorable! The pop socket will give you a great gripwhen taking selfies, recording musicallys plus it looks super pretty and sparkly.

 You can find an amazing selection of coolknobs like this in stores and they are quite affordable too. An even better idea is to use old knobs andrecycle them. And don't stress out if yours is plain andboring like this wooden one. You can pimp it up! Color the knob with spray paint or acrylicpaint. I chose yellow as I want to make a heart face emoji on my pop socket.

 Now take your sharpies and decorate it howeveryour heart desires. I'm drawing two red hearts for the eyes anda big happy smile to my pop socket. I decided to glue it on a transparent casebut we got to decorate it first. A great way is to use a piece of denim fabricand a couple of iron on patches. Now it's time to attach this adorable buddyon the case.

 Take a glue gun and stick your emoji pop socketon the denim patched case. All done and looking fabulous! The denim phone case with patches is so uniqueand trendy. And the emoji pop socket makes it even moreepic! I love how these two look together.

 A match made in heaven! In my previous video I show how to make anaquarium in a jar and guess what today we're making an aquarium in a phone case! I know it sounds insane but see how legitthis looks. A real aquarium with fish, water, glitterbubbles and all that. You'll need a silicone phone case, 2 smallacetate sheets, parchment paper, blue food coloring, glitter, some fish charms, babyoil and an iron. Place the acetate sheets into the fold madefrom a piece of baking paper and iron along the edge. Heat will melt the plastic and seal the twosheets together.

 One side is done, we still have to melt thesetwo. When the plastic melts it turns white. That's when I know it is 100% sealed and waterproof. Before ironing the fourth edge, we need tofill this pocket up. I'm starting with glitter! I went for these blue dots which will representoxygen bubbles. Pour them into the aquarium pocket with ahelp of a funnel.

Prepare a small amount of baby oil and somewater. To make the water blue, mix in a bit of bluefood coloring. Now we can pour these into the acetate pocket.

 First comes the baby oil, which doesn't mixwith water so together they will create an awesome lava effect. Pour in the blue water and as you can see,baby oil has lower density, therefore it floats above it. Our aquarium is not complete without thesecute fish! I actually made these charms myself usingcommon household items. The first fish is ready to jump into the aquarium! But it needs a friend so here comes the fishnumber two.

 Let's pop in a little starfish as well, becausethe more, the merrier, right? Time to iron the remaining top edge to sealour aquarium pocket completely. Shake your pocket to distribute the fish andglitter allover the aquarium and check out how cool it turned out. Take a pen plus a ruler and sketch a rectangleleaving about 5 millimeters wide frame along the edges.

Go ahead and carefully cut along all theselines using an exacto knife. Now we can remove the silicone rectangle inthe middle and we're left with the frame for the aquarium. So grab that beautiful aquarium pocket, whichwe made earlier and place it inside the silicone frame.

 We did it! How creative and special is this phone case?! The only pet I ever had was a little goldfish years ago. Maybe that's why I like aquarium DIYs so much! But also I simply love how unconventionaland insane this is – having an aquarium on your phone – Amazing! The world has been going crazy over fidgetspinners lately and I must admit – they are actually super fun to play with.

 So why not having one always on hand! You can use your fidget spinner as a pop socket! How brilliant is that?! The coolest pop-socket ever for sure! Also, don't you just love this awesome galaxyphone case? Well guess what - I'll show you how to DIYit! Print a galaxy picture of your choice andcut out a piece, which is of the same size as your phone. This one fits mine perfectly. Place it in the clear case and you have thecoolest galaxy phone case ever! Let's make it even more epic by adding a fidgetpop-socket. Apply some glue on the middle of the caseand place on any kind of small rounded object. I'm just using the lid of an old lip balm. Add a bit more glue on top of that and stickon the fidget spinner.

 There we have it - our galactic fidget spinnerphone case! It is so much fun to play with plus it givesa great grip when holding your phone. I'm sure all your friends will be like what? Where did you get that! The beauty of DIY–ing! You can make so much cooler stuff than youcould ever buy in stores! Another crazy awesome idea for a DIY pop socketis using a fake flower! I'm using daisies because they're one of myfaves. You will also need a little suction cup likethis one. Apply a blob of glue on the top part and placeon your flower. Now I just like to pop it on the phone casewithout glue. This way you can remove it from the case anytime. However if you want to make your pop socketmore sturdy, use a bit of glue and stick it on permanently. This floral pop socket turned out super cuteand it took us no more than a minute to make.

Bingo! How about making our case look like a deliciousbirthday cake with a yummy pink glaze dripping down and a ton of holographic sprinkles? Umm... yes please and thank you! All you need to make this beautiful phonecase is some nail polish. I'm starting up with hot pink! Slowly pour some of that polish, while youkeep moving across the the entire width of the phone case. You don't need to use a lot of polish at all. Let's repeat the step with a slightly lighterpink color. Pour it across the phone and wait for thecolor to drip along the case.

 This already looks pretty but we aren't quitedone yet. Take the lighter pink nail polish and colorthe entire top part of the case like me. You may need two coats to make it completelyopaque. Now our design will look super neat and pretty. The last step is to grab any kind of glitteror confetti polish and apply it on top of the pink.

This will represent the sprinkles on the glaze. I have holographic stripes but colorful oneswould look amazing as well! How gorgeous does it look when sprinkles catchthe light?! Wow, love it! Wait for the paint to dry and your phone isready to wear the most yummy looking costume ever. Cute store bought phone cases can be so expensive,while you get plain ones for very cheap and you can customize them however you like.

 I love this one so much but there are moreepic phone cases coming up in this video. Just you wait! What? Ugh! Are your earphones getting tangled all thetime? Mine definitely do and I hate that! Luckily here's an epic DIY project which willassure that our headphones will never get tangled again. Plus they will look super cute! Stick the end of your earphones in place witha piece of tape. Take a piece of fluffy or regular yarn andmake a knot around the cable.

 Grab the longer piece of yarn and make a 4shape over the cable, lead the yarn end under the cable and up through the loop. Pull to tighten the knot. Now you need to simply repeat making theseexact knots all along your headphones. Make a 4 shape, go under the headphones, upthrough the loop and tighten. If you like you can switch up the colors.

 Cut away the excess yarn and continue witha yarn of different color. I decided to alternate between the mint greenand pink. Rainbow headphones would look amazing too! Here comes my last knot so let's snip offthe excess yarn and these amazing headphones are finished. All that's left to do is to plug them intothe phone, play your favorite song and dance like nobody's watching! I'm so happy that they will never get tangledagain and that they look totally adorable. Seriously you have to give this DIY a try,it is just pure awesomeness. Are you guys ready to make your very own squishyphone case from scratch using only 2 ingredients?! I bet you are so let's do this! You'll need some silicone, corn starch andoptionally food coloring.

Before we begin, let's protect the cell phone. Cover the screen with a piece of cardboardpaper and wrap it in a transparent foil. Set it aside and get excited cause we're aboutto DIY a silicone play dough! Mix together about half a cup of corn starchand quarter of a cup of silicone. You can buy 100% silicone in any shop wherethey sell building materials and supplies or just take it from your dad. Work the two ingredients together with yourhands. This part is so much fun – the siliconeis so squishy and satisfying! At this point you can add more corn starchor silicone if you need it. After a while you will end up with an evensoft and squishy ball – just like play dough. The silicone hardens quite quickly so let'scontinue before it does.

 If you want a colored phone add a bit of foodcoloring to the mixture and work it in. A very important note is to use food coloring. I tried with acrylic paint and it completelyruined the texture. The silicone never hardened and the doughjust kept tearing apart. Food coloring is designed in a way that itdoesn't change the texture of our dough. On top of that it is very potent – you onlyneed a tiny amount to get a great color payoff.

 Sprinkle a bit of corn starch on a flat surfaceand roll your dough. Keep rolling until you have an even piece,which is roughly double the size of your phone and about 5 millimeters thick. Place your protected cell phone in the middleof the rolled dough and fold up the edges. It's like you're wrapping your phone in apresent using play dough. Wait about 5 five to 10 minutes for the siliconeto set and harden. Time to grab an exacto knife and cut out thewindow where the screen is. Luckily we've protected our screen with cardboardpaper beforehand, but still be careful so you don't end up scratching your phone.

 Take your phone out of the silicone case. We still need to make the hole for the camera! Grab any old phone case that you own and pushit inside the silicone one. Now you know exactly where the camera openingneeds to be. Using an exacto knife cut out that piece. You can keep your phone case in a solid coloror you can decorate it and make it even more adorable. Of course I'm gonna decorate! Mix up a bit more silicone dough but thistime just keep it white. Roll it until you have an even thin layer. Leave the silicone to set and now you canstart cutting out small fluffy clouds. They don't have to be perfect or neat becauseclouds come in all different shapes and sizes. I cut six clouds and all that's left to dois to glue them on your phone case using that same silicone.

 Yay, we've successfully finished our squishyphone case from scratch! I think it's so incredible that you can makea legit phone case from corn starch and silicone! Especially because I'm pretty sure that majorityof you already have these two ingredients at home. Corn starch is a staple and silicone - I'mquite sure your dad has it! This literally feels like making a phone casefrom nothing! Got to love that DIY magic! A great way to DIY pop sockets is to buy plainwhite ones online. These are super inexpensive and you can customizethem however your heart desires.

I'll show you 3 cute ideas but the optionsare literally endless! For the first one I'll be using nail polish. We're going to make a beautiful neon gradientpop socket and a swimming pool phone case! How beautiful do these two look together!! OK let's start with the pop socket.

 Grab any kind of sponge and apply 3 stripesof nail polish. I started with pink, followed by the neonyellow and lastly I applied a bright orange polish. Quickly dab these colors on your pop socketmoving back and forth a couple of times. This will create a pretty gradient. If you need to strengthen the opacity youcan apply more polish on the sponge and repeat the step. Finish your design with a clear top coat oreven better a confetti polish.

 I have this orange pink confetti one and it looks so lovely paired with the neon gradient underneath. I'm sure our neon pop socket would look amazingon a phone case with a swimming pool design so let's quickly make one from scratch. Print out a swimming pool picture and cutout a piece, which is as big as your phone. Place it inside a clear case and the gorgeousswimming pool phone case is ready! All we got to do is to stick on the pop socket. Here it is our stunning swimming pool phonecase with a neon gradient confetti pop socket.

These two are so perfect together – I lovethe bright pop socket colors against that blue color. I just can't stop staring at it – looksso happy and summery! Another way to decorate plain pop socketsis by using sharpies. You can personalize them by writing or drawinganything you like. On the first one I'm going to draw a cutecactus design. If you suck at freehand drawing like me youcan sketch the shape with a pencil first. Outline the cactus with black and then colorit in using a green sharpie. To add a bit more color let's put some hotpink flowers to each of the three cactus tops. What else is missing?! The spines of course. Ouch that hurt! Draw a bunch of short black lines alloveryour cactus. Many of the cacti grow in the desert so ofcourse we got to make a desert phone case. Print a picture of the desert, cut out a pieceto fit your phone and place it in a clear case.

Now our cactus pop socket will feel like home! Remove the protective paper from the backand stick it on the phone case. How adorable it looks, right! Kakti designs have been so trendy the pastcouple of years. I've seen them on clothes, accessories, pillows...everywhere. And I can totally understand that – theyare simply gorgeous! I made one more design using sharpies – thistime a kawaii cloud with a rainbow and bright blue sky. To make your sharpie creations more vibranttry coloring the same design twice – it makes a big difference! This fluffy cloud is so sweet and full, thereforeI decided to keep the phone case white.

 It's like plain on the case, party on thepop socket! See how many beautiful creations you can makeon inexpensive white popsockets? I show you 3 different options but of coursesky is the limit. You know I love anything fuzzy, snugly andplushy like. So of course we got to make a fluffy monsterphone case! You'll need a pair of googly eyes, a pieceof furry fabric and a phone case. Outline the shape of your phone case on theback of the fabric. Don't forget the little camera opening ontop. Take your scissors and cut out the piece offabric, which will be as big as your phone case. For the camera hole you can use exacto knifeor nail scissors because they are smaller and easy to work with. Take a phone case plus a glue gun and apply some hot glue on the case. Grab the furry piece of fabric that we cut earlier and place it on top.

 Time to glue on the googly eyes! I love using them in my DIYs because I feellike they instantly give a personality to whatever I'm creating. From a simple fuzzy phone case this becamea cute monster case. What a great idea for all the animal loversout there. Also it's perfect for recycling old phonecases. If you're tired of the same case you've hadfor a long time, simply transform it into a gorgeous fluffy monster! Why buy expensive phone accessories in storeswhen you can make way cuter and more amazing things with your own hands! Some crafty spirit is all you need. AAA! No, I can't take it anymore! Leave me alone! Hope you liked these ideas and if you diddon't forget to press that like button, because it makes the video feel happy.

 Question of the day! What color is your phone case right now? I'm currently rocking this one, so blue forme. OK, thank you so much for watching guys, Ilove you take care and I'll see you soon. Bye! Mwah... These little devices allow us to be constantlyin touch. Connected to our loved ones – friends, family,connected to the world.

We take them everywhere and it seems likewe do everything together. Of course, sometimes we have to play a littledress up too! 

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