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7 Strangest & Coolest Materials Which Actually Exist

 welcome to TTI and welcome to a wholenew world of science today we're going to explore the seven most uniquematerials that you would think would have to be from the world of sciencefiction but stay tuned because we're going to run where the science behindSo my friend sit back relax and enjoy the video number seven ultra hydrophobicmaterial generally there is some interaction between solid and liquid butit's difficult to imagine these unique tiny drops that are unable to wet thesurfaces of material science has made some great progress in recent

 decades inthe field of hydrophobicity and opening a wide range of application the hydrophobic surface is based on the Lotus effect this effect was discovered in the 1970s from the microscopicobservations of the natural hydrophobic properties of the surface of a lotusleaf the Lotus plant is comprised of an adhesive nonpolar and wax-like substancewhich is what causes the Lotus effect or hydrophobicity which is featured by thelotus flower which always appears clean despite growing in muddy areas research in this

 field is very advancedand focused on finding a material with the highest level of water repellency toachieve a material extremely water repellent which would be a huge help formany industrial fields this is a live demo of a hydrophobic surface it's waterrepellency is investigated by simply insulating it and dipping it in waterthe insulated device is protected by water damage which we extremely love forour smartphones during the rain in addition your walls can be protectedfrom any dirt after being coated with this magic materials number six triiodide nitrogen triiodideis one of the chemical compounds which is highly unstable oil it can bedetonated by contact or anybody labels nitrogen triiodide is the moleculeconsisting of single nitrogen atom which is bonded by three iodine atoms it'sstructure is similar to a pyramid with

 nitrogen at the tip and iodine is muchlarger than those of nitrogen telling each other you might have heard thatnitroglycerin which is another type of contact explosive can go off when youhit it with a hammer while iodide with its ammonia should be kept in moistconditions in a dark place where it is stable but if it's sufficiently dried atthe right moment it can blow up from just the slightest disturbance thisexplosion releases a purple iodine vapor which is irritating and can actually betoxic with extended exposure in fact on April 1st it earned thecredit for being a highly explosive substance sharing the same core as thefamous nitroglycerin number

 5 hydrogel hydrogel is a gel polymer able to absorbwater 30 to 60 times its own volume and it's able to change its size under theinfluence of temperature it's composed of small white crystals that are able toabsorb a lot of water the total absorbency and swellingcapacity are controlled by the type and degree of cross linkers used to make thegel thanks to its amazing water absorption capacity it's used ingreenhouses and agricultural nurseries to retain water and moisture in soil fora much longer time in recent years the hydrogel has been used

 as a single plantsubstrate this product is also getting attention in the field of decorativeornamentation indoors the material also is commonly used formedical purposes for tissue engineering and in sustained-release systems ofmedication number four nitinol nitinol is composed of nickel and titanium inalmost equal proportions it has the special ability to rebound to itsoriginal form even after you mold it into different shapes a phenomenoncalled the memory effect which is driven by heat exchanges it is able to repeatthis process many times over without losing the ability to regain itsoriginal shape this material has a wide range of applications in the fields ofelectronics and mechanics it can also be used in smartphones

 robotics and medicalindustries development and continuation of this material is very expensive butthis problem can be solved by the mass production of the material in the comingyears number three metal gallium gallium metal is one of the least known in thescientific field this strange metal is very mysterious and difficult tounderstand for members of the scientific community gallium is a soft metal whichis a brittle solid at low temperatures and liquid at temperatures greater thantwenty nine point seven six degrees Celsius if you keep

it in the palm ofyour hand for just a few minutes your body heat will cause the solid metal togradually turn to a liquid gallium has the same metallic color in both solidand liquid forms upon solidification into a mold it becomes just like thiscoin this metal is very cool because it's a non-toxic material but it'scertainly not cheap one kilogram of this metal cost three thousand dollars whichis an extremely high price that goes showed just how much it must cost toextract it number two aerogel also known as frozen smokeaerogel is a broad term used to talk about a special group of materials theyhave been used since the early 1960s in space travel but scientists are nowfinding multiple uses thanks to its properties the aerogel is the lightestsolid material that exists today its chemical structure is similar to glassbut its density is a thousand

 times lower and it's only three times as denseas air because it contains 99% air ingredients with silica gel despite itslow weight this material is very strong it has heat insulation properties thathave been exploited by NASA engineers to the fullest nasa use this material inseveral of its spacecraft to provide heat protection from the sun today

 theaerogel is used in the detection of nuclear radiation absorption oflong-lived nuclear waste thermal insulation and detection of harmfulmicroorganisms number one magnetic Thinking Putty this stuff is pretty coolto play with this magnetic monster is so amazing and full of fun it can becreated by simply adding ferric iron oxide powder to regular silly putty andthen the putty becomes ferromagnetic only strong magnets that are alsoferromagnetic will

be engulfed by this tiny Magnum monster if you place a Ferromagnet in the magnetic field it will experience a force that pulls into aregion of stronger magnetic strength thank you for watching I hope you likedit now calmy guys which one of these materials

 do you find the most amazingand why let me know in the comments and if you're new here then feel free tosubscribe I'll catch you in the next video peace 

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