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Wacom Tablet at cheap prices the best tablet for you

  The American headquarters are located in the  Pearl District  of  Portland, Oregon , [3]  and those for Europe, Middle East, and Africa ( EMEA ) in  Düsseldorf , Germany. Wacom is a Japanese  portmanteau :  Wa  for "harmony", "circle" or "Japan" and  Com  shortened for "computer". Wacom tablets are notable for their use of a  patented  cordless, battery-free, and pressure-sensitive  stylus  or  digital pen . In addition to manufacturing and selling tablets, Wacom also provides graphical input technology for some  tablet computers , which it calls "Penabled Technology". Wacom produces several tablet lines, three of which are marketed worldwide. Most are sold with a software bundle, such as  ArtRage  Lite,  Corel Painter Essentials  and  Photoshop Elements , which take advantage of the tablet features. Each is sold with a compatible  digital pen . Some pens feature buttons on the shaft or an "eraser" at the other end. Some mod
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Musical Fire Table! - Experiment

 - Just press play, you mean? -  Yeah, go for it. Whoa! [Music] - Now, you may have seen a Ruben's tube before.That's basically a pipe with a bunch of holes in it, and you pump in a flammable gas, andlight it on fire, so you basically create a row of Bunsen burners.  What's really coolis to play some sounds into the tube, and you can actually set up standing waves. Thatis, there are areas, there are patterns of the vibration of the air where there's a lotof vibration in some parts, and not very much vibration in other parts.  Now, that affectsthe flow rate of the gas inside that tube into the atmosphere, and so it affects theheight of those flames. So basically, you can visualize the standing wave pattern. I'mcurrently in Denmark with a team of physics and chemistry demonstrators who have takenthis experiment to the next level. They've actually created a two-dimensional Ruben'stube, a whole plane of Bunsen burners, effectively. How many holes in

Midrange Speakers vs Wine Glass - Will it break?

 All right, I got a little something fun that I want to try today and I got just the right speakers to do it Some CT sounds per audio eights And a couple of wine glasses, come on, let's go Poor ohms continuous watts 150 Same thing over here. So 300 watts. I think we'll put it on a 3000 watt app. See what happens Today's video Something that I've always wanted to do I've always wanted to try but since I've got an SMD IMS G and I can command my own frequencies.  I Think today is a good day to do it gotta love Amazon So I don't think these things are very expensive but they are crystal Put two four ohm speakers in parallel here with the two own they wants We got power For example we got the sound digital 3000 point one right here But I think what we'll do As we'll hook up the same m1. We'll find out exactly how much power it's going to take to break that glass So let's do this Oh there Will not do the whole One thing I forgot to do A

7 Strangest & Coolest Materials Which Actually Exist

 welcome to TTI and welcome to a wholenew world of science today we're going to explore the seven most uniquematerials that you would think would have to be from the world of sciencefiction but stay tuned because we're going to run where the science behindSo my friend sit back relax and enjoy the video number seven ultra hydrophobicmaterial generally there is some interaction between solid and liquid butit's difficult to imagine these unique tiny drops that are unable to wet thesurfaces of material science has made some great progress in recent  decades inthe field of hydrophobicity and opening a wide range of application the hydrophobic surface is based on the Lotus effect this effect was discovered in the 1970s from the microscopicobservations of the natural hydrophobic properties of the surface of a lotusleaf the Lotus plant is comprised of an adhesive nonpolar and wax-like substancewhich is what causes the Lotus effect or hydrophobicity which is featured by thelo

Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood

 I texted this clip to my wife who wanted proof I wasn't doing anything stupid on a recent trip to the Bahamas Now if you're wondering what my feet are doing in shark-infested waters with a bucket of blood 20 miles away from any land Well, that comes down to a conversation.  I had with my friends at the Discovery Channel six months ago They told me Shark Week is coming up and they want to know what I would do if they could put me in the middle of the ocean on a boat surrounded by sharks for as long as I can remember I've always wanted to test if sharks can really smell a drop of blood in the water from a mile away Now before you say Mythbusters already did this They kind of did this as you can see to test this they poked their fingers and then stuck them in a barrel with these Tiny lemon sharks and since they didn't really seem to turn around and look at their fingers       They said it was busted now       I'm friends with both Kari and Adam, but I think eve

How to Make a SPIDER-MAN WEB SHOOTER at home

 What's up, guys? I am Rob. Welcome to my channel. For the past few weeks I have beenmaking Marvel related DIY projects.. ..which you like very much. That's why we aregoing to do one more.. ..that too a highly requested one. We are going to makea web shooter today.. ..but first, if you haven't subscribed to my channel.. on the button you seehere and subscribe to the channel.. ..and don't forget to clickon the bell notification button.. you know every timea new video of mine is shown. And most important,a poll is going on, on this channel. You can click up thereand vote to decide.. ..whether English or Hindivideos should be made on this channel.  This is your final chance,so, please participate. And now, Marvel fans, get readyfor because it's time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright, let's get startedand let's make a web shooter. To make the web shooter.. ..the first thing I shallmake is the shooting mechanism.. ..for which I s